In Conjunction

Drawing on the rich heritage of the historic Relief Society Granary building, both as a structure and as a place of communal gathering, In Conjunction uses elements of the structure as a medium to explore what it means to exist within a community, as well as the impact one can have upon their community. In Conjunction features a compilation of stop-motion animation works created by individuals throughout the community using oolite sand, which is then formatted by the artist to be projected onto the exterior of the Granary Arts building. 

Granary Arts is a Local Arts Agency, which is a designation through the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and a partnership with Ephraim City. We serve as an anchor for creative activity, providing access to diverse forms of art that facilitate public participation. We provide opportunities for artists, curators, makers, students, and educators to foster their creative vision. We also provide arts education to schools and the community through a variety of programs, workshops, public art projects, and other cultural events. Granary Arts is dedicated to placemaking by fostering the relationship between artists and the community through exhibitions and education.