At The Crossing

K’ leigh Halliday I Kiersten Rakisits I Ryan Simmons I Christopher I Woodward

A photographic archive of a collaborative, site-specific installation mapping points of intersection between humans and their impact on the natural environment, located in the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

Referencing the 107-year history of the Station as a field research site, the artists use pink bailing twine, sourced from a local agricultural business, as a mark-making material. Dead pines were identified as representatives of the beetle kill infestation, by wrapping each tree. In the practice of range management, dead trees are often wrapped or tagged for logging. The binding of individual trees in twine, acts as a caregiving gesture – similar to bandaging a wound, speaking to the larger discourse of how the landscape is ravaged at the hands of development.

a battlefield   

pink wrappings   

a gesture of love   

human presence   

history of the land   

a larger comparison of impact